Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 15 – It’s Time to Take Responsibility for Financing the Slavery System and Stop Doing It!

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Part 6 of Catherine Austin Fitts Commentary on Her Interview for Planet Lockdown:

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—And who is they?

Well that’s the great mystery and that’s why I call this group Mr Global. My personal experience is with many different people in that group and factions but ultimately I can’t tell you who really controls the whole thing.

What I will tell you is that the plan is run by force. And so ultimately the question is: Who is the most powerful gun? And that comes down to space. Who has the most powerful space presence, space weapons, as well as who controls the sea lanes.

So traditionally, control behind the reserve currency came from control of the sea lanes but then as we’ve moved into space, it’s now become control of both the sea lanes and the satellite lanes. And the question is: Who controls what? And who has what weapons?

One of the reasons you’ve seen a very interesting discussion in the United States for the last 2 years is that Trump has been very verbal about Space Force and what is possible in space and he’ll make these allusions to our magical weapons in space; at which point the generals look at him very disapprovingly like: “Don’t talk about that!”

So the answer is: We don’t know who is Mr Global. What we do know is part of the competition right now between China and the USA—is that the player who has the most dominant position in space, has the power to control the whole planet.

So the Chinese have a system called the Social Credit System and they’re very much tying their financial transactions and different abilities to travel and do other things to your behavior. And we’ve seen TV shows talking about these kinds of systems, but you’re talking about a world where—and we see it in China— where most people are under 24/7 surveillance and then their financial incentives and their financial powers relate to how well behaved they are.

And I will describe it essentially as a slavery system, because there’s no personal freedom.

So, to a certain extent what technocracy can do is move the rest of the world to a similar kind of system as the Chinese Social Credit System.

—Where if you misbehave, you can be punished?

Right. So in theory, In the current system you have to get a certain kind of job to make a certain kind of money.

In their technocracy, you have to work for a certain kind of company and achieve a certain kind of prominence to be allowed to move more than 10 miles from your home, or to be allowed to fly.

So they have a pecking order that relates to your freedoms to either travel or roam, or how much sort of access you have to resources. So how much money you can make.

But remember, they want to implement a system where, if they believe they can automate everything with robotics, software and AI. It’s going to be that much harder for people to share in the benefits and the wealth of the system because the central group can extract so much more.

In other words, they have a one way mirror, they can see everything you do, but you can’t even see who they are.

What’s very important to understand about what is happening, is that the majority of people have been—if we’re talking about a transhumanist system, or in short: a slavery system; most of us have been supporting it and financing it and building it.

So when I look at all the big pharma executives—Why are they building a system where their own children or grandchildren will be slaves? Why are the central banks doing it?

You know, there’s a theory in America for many years among the “money class” that if I make enough money, I can get a waiver, I can get out of it, I can eat organic food, not eat the GMO’s and my grand kids won’t have to take vaccines.

But if you look at who’s implementing all these different activities; we’re building our own slavery system and that means we have the power to stop it!

In other words, we don’t have to finance the companies that are doing this. We don’t have to work for the companies that are doing this and in fact, we don’t even have to pay our taxes, because the government is breaking all the laws related to financial management. We have the ability to hold them accountable.

So we’re building the prison and we’re financing the prison and that gives us the power to stop it.

And that is why it’s so important that we see where the system is going. There will be no exceptions.

—So what is the solution?

Solution is to bring transparency to what’s happening, understand where the system is going and then stop building it.

So if you work for big pharma and you’re building this. Stop! Go find something else to do. Like build local fresh food systems so you will have food.

Stop Financing this system.

Begin the conversation of where this is going and more importantly where we want to go, because we’re going to have to rebuild the economy bottom up, if we don’t want to be highly centralized.

So this comes down to, I call it: “coming clean.”—Once upon a time I was in Washington and I was writing a check in my JP Morgan-Chase private banking account and in the meantime I was engaged in 12 different litigations with the people that were trying to engineer the housing bubble—I was trying to stop the housing bubble from happening.

And then I realized—as I was writing the check—why am I banking at the bank that’s doing this criminality? That’s destroying communities, that’s doing predatory lending? And I said: “You know, I need to come clean, I need to stop banking there.”

So, if tomorrow, everybody woke up in America and stop banking at JP Morgan-Chase and said: “You know something, you all are criminals, we want nothing to do with you. We’re out.” And went to a local Credit Union or Community Bank. It would be a total revolution!

If 20 women turn to Big Pharma executives and said: “You know something, you’re disgusting—no sex. Bye!” Out the door. It would be a revolution.

So, we have the power to change this, but we’re all going to have to come clean, because almost all of us are complicit in implementing this. It’s not them. It’s us.

The solution is for everyone of us to come clean. You’re either for the transhumanist slavery system or you’re for a Human System.

But if you’re for a human system, you’re going to have to find a way to make money and engage socially in a Human System and stop building the transhumanist system.

The first thing you have to do is you have to get a good map. In other words, you can’t navigate this unless you can see the transhumanist system that is being built and who’s building it.

But if you’re involved with any of the pillars that are building this thing. Stop!

  1. Don’t help the military build Operation Warp Speed.
  2. Don’t help the Tech Guys figure out how to inject nano-particles into your body and hook it up to the cloud.
  3. Don’t help Big-Pharma make injections which are poisoning American children to death.
  4. Don’t help Big-Agriculture grow GMO food that is poisoning America to death.
  5. Don’t help the government institute corrupt health crisis regulations that are really disaster capitalism and making the private equity guys and the billionaires rich.

And on and on and on…

Get Catherine Austin Fitts: “The State of Our Currencies” report and read it and you’ll know who’s doing this.

It’s pretty obvious who’s doing this

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