Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 10 – It’s an Economic Coup d’état—Not a Pandemic!

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This Series is a commentary on the interview from Planet Lockdown of Brilliant Economist Catherine Austin Fitts. You can watch the full video interview below:

Here’s the transcript of today’s episode:

Catherine Austin Fitts is the president of Solari, Inc. The publisher of the Solari Report and Managing director of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC

—What do you think is happening economically as a result of all this?

She published a report: The state of our currencies.

For many decades, the dollar has been a reserve currency and the system is something that people don’t like, and the central bankers are trying to bring in a new system but is not ready to go yet.

We’re in a period of great change and uncertainty where the central bankers are trying to keep the dollar system going: they’re trying to lengthen the dollar system and also trying to accelerate to bring in the new system.

And they have to bring in the new system without anyone exactly realizing what it is.

So we’ve had a global reserve system: the dollar, and it needs to evolve and change and there’s lots of unhappiness with the system and the central bankers are trying to bring in a new system.

To do this, they’re trying to extend the old and accelerate the new and it makes it a very chaotic thing since much of the new is being tested and tried and prototyped and it involves many different industries.

Catherine describes the new system as the end of currencies.

They’re essentially not bringing in a new currency but a new transaction system that will be all digital and essentially end currencies as we know them.

What they’re trying to do involves essentially all the money in the planet, so it’s big, it’s complicated. It’s messy.

The challenge they have is: how do they mark it a system that if people understood it, nobody would want.

And of course, the way you do that is with a healthcare crisis.

—Why is a healthcare crisis good for that?

If a few people want to control the many. The question is: How can you herd all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing it and resisting.

So the perfect thing is invisible enemies. This is the 1st tactic.

We had the war on terrorism with invisible terrorists and so now a virus is perfect because it’s invisible, you can’t prove that it doesn’t exist.

So invisible enemies are always the preferred enemy, particularly if they scare people. If you can use fear and introduce significant fear, then people will need government to protect them from the invisible enemy.

Then the 2nd tactic which is very effective is: divide and conquer. So in the meantime if you can use the media, the media plays a very important role. If you can turn men and women against each other, black and white against each other.

One of the reasons you import a lot of immigrants into the country (Europe, USA) is to turn the general population against the immigrants and then you need government to be in the middle.

So these are 2 tactics to institute fear and get people to go along with things, and of course, the invisible virus allows them to do enormous control mechanisms:

You can stop people from gathering, you can stop people from organizing, you can stop people from getting together and talk about what’s going on, etc, etc.

And if you digitize it with contact tracing, you can control who is talking to whom.

If you can get them to do all their work and education online you can literally listen to anything they’re saying.

So you can institute extraordinary amounts of surveillance, all in the theory that we’re protecting you from the invisible virus.

It’s very clever and as you can see, it is working with many people, not everybody but many people.

So she doesn’t want to underestimate the ability of these cockroaches to introduce pathogens that will kill people and I don’t want to suggest that people are not getting sick.

But essentially what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go.

Because we’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer a currency, it’s a control system.

It’s like a credit at the company store, if every central bank comes out with a digital central bank currency, they have the ability to turn your money on and off.

So if you don’t behave, that’s it. And of course we know when we combine this with transhumanism, which means literally to take injections that can institute the equivalent of an operating system in my body and so I’m hooked up to the financial system literally, physically.

—What are the actual effects of the lock-down measures?

What they’re doing is—She used to call the Patriot Act: the Concentration and Control of Cash Flow Act. And this is a very similar process, they’re trying to dramatically centralize economic and political control.


We have a hundred small businesses on main street in a community, you declare them non-essential and shut them down. Suddenly Amazon and Walmart and the big box stores can come in and take away all the market share, in the meantime, the people on main street have to keep paying off their credit cards or their mortgage, so they’re on a debt entrapment and they’re desperate to get cash flow to cover their debts and day-to-day expenses.

Simultaneously, you have the Federal Reserve institute a form of Quantitative Easing: (Quantitative easing is a monetary policy whereby a central bank purchases at scale government bonds or other financial assets in order to inject money into the economy to expand economic activity. ) where they’re buying corporate bonds and they guys (corporations, big players) who are taking up the market share can basically finance—or their banks can finance them— at 0% to 1% when everybody in main-street is paying 17% to their credit cards with that income.

So basically now they’ve got the small businesses in a position of weakness and vulnerability and they can take away their market share, and generally the small businesses can’t afford to do what they say because they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.

In the 2016 election cycle, we saw the general population support candidates who represented populism in a variety of different ways.

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were populists relative to the other candidates.

And literally what the global capital class realized was that they had a problem that could be solved by destroying the independent income of small businesses and small practitioners and people who had independent forms of income.

So if you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA and you have your own practice, you’re going to support the populist candidates.

So the way to shut the populist candidates down is to shut off their incomes and support, which is, you put main-street out of business and then there’s nobody to finance a Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, there’s nobody to support them.

—So the lock-down is more of an economic thing than a virus mitigation plan?

So this is an economic war and since April, we’ve seen global billionaires increase their network by 27%. What that says is that this has been a very successful global economic war, cause what you’re having is this sort of global capitalist class, which is actually not capitalism, it is economic totalitarianism.

What you see is that they’ve been able to consolidate fantastic amounts of economic wealth not just by deleting the income of the middle class and consolidating it into their companies but by significantly improving the wealth and power of the largest G7 developed countries and China compared to the emerging markets so the countries with the most advanced technology and the access to the AI and software and to the sort of digital systems including through space are dramatically consolidating economic power in comparison to the weaker nations.

So we’re seeing a consolidation of economic power, centralization both into the wealthier more powerful nations and the top 1% of people that control them.

So I would describe, what Covid-19 is, is the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from democratic process to technocracy.

What we’re watching is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems.

So think of this as a Coup d’etat rather than a virus.

For 20 some years in the USA we’ve had a financial Coup d’Etat and we knew at the end of 1995 a decision was made to move much of the assets and money out of the country, that was part of sort of bubbling the global economy with globalization and they knew once they finished moving all those assets that they would have to consolidate and change the fundamental system.

So after the financial coup, they’ve stolen all the money in the pension funds and they’ve stolen all the money in the goverement and now rather than turn and tell people that they stole their money. They need an excuse that will allow them to consolidate and change the fundamental system:

So you have a magic virus! So now we have to fundamentally change the system, because thanks to the magic virus there’s no money in social security, there’s no money in the treasury. And you have your perfect magic excuse.

Every implication of the financial coup has been magically solved by the magic virus!!

If you are a financial person and you look at the world through the mathematics of time and money, it’s quite amazing than anybody believes it, but they do.

Yeah if you’re part of the Covidian cult you get that is because of the magic virus that caused the pension funds to not be sufficient!