Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 14 – Mr Global Finances the Riots to Remove Small Businesses Off the Opportunity Zones and Buy their Real Estate for Cheap

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Part 5 of Catherine Austin Fitts Commentary on Her Interview for Planet Lockdown:

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The Riots:

When the riots began and the despots took the position that you couldn’t go to church because of the danger of the magic virus but you could go to the riots and protest.

Catherine Austin Fitts and her team started to look at the riots. The first thing they did is they looked at the states and they looked at the cities and whether the governor was Democrat or Republican and then what the covid cases and death were and then they added a box called “Riots” —where the riots have been.—

They started to look at the patterns of the riots in relationship with the political machine control answer of the covid magic virus op and there was something wrong when she was looking at the data.

She told her teammate who was building this database: I want you to put a box called: The Federal Reserve, and I want you to check the box—there are 12 banks: 1 headquarters and then the branches for a total of 37 locations—I want you to check the box in any city where they have a branch or a bank or the headquarters.

And what they discovered is that 34 of the 37 bank locations have riots, and she said: “Now, wait a minute, that’s a pattern! There’s something here, let’s drill down.”

So they started with Mineapolis and they said: “Let’s take the data of all the buildings and businesses that were harmed or burned and we’ll map it, we’ll do a GIS software, we’ll map where this businesses were and how close they were to the federal reserve bank.

And so the first one we did, there’s a street going accross Mineapolis called Lake, and we mapped them and one of the things we did when we map them was, we drew pictures of where the opportunity zones were.

Do you know what an opportunity zone is?

An opportunity zone is a tax shelter mechanism created in 2018 to help the tech billionaires avoid capital gains tax as they sell their stock.

So you can—if you’re Jeff Bezos, who sold ten billion dollars of stock this year—if you were to roll over your proceeds into opportunity zone investments and handle it in a certain way you could avoid all capital gains tax.

So this is fantastically profitable!… Now, if you look at the riots when I first saw how all the buildings and businesses destroyed along Lake street were right at the bottom of the opportunity zone, I started to laugh and I said:

“I was assistant secretary of housing; that’s not a riot pattern, that’s a real estate acquisition plan!”

—So what are you saying: is they cheapen the prices in the city to then buy it?

So, imagine I have a thriving series of small businesses owned by African Americans and Hispanics along a particular boulevard in the opportunity zone.

If first I declare the businesses non-essential and shot them down, right?… magic virus,—and now they’re in real trouble, right? Cause they can’t do their business and then I have riots and burn and damage them, right? If I was really clever I’d pull the insurance right before I did it, I don’t know what the case was but, we’ll see.

So now their businesses are shut down, they’re hung on their debt, right? Whether their mortgage or their credit card. But even worse, now their building has been damaged and of course insurance doesn’t cover all the repairs and fixing, right?

So needless to say it’s going to be a lot easier and cheaper for a billionaire to go in and buy up all those buildings, right?

Voila! It’s called disaster capitalism!

That was Mineapolis and then we did Kenosha then Portland and now we’re doing a place in Ohio, and the patterns we’re seeing—if you look at the clusters of where the damage is, just speaking as assistant secretary of housing— those are, in my opinion: real estate acquisition plans. Especially when they come on top of declaring all those businesses non-essential and shutting them down, or restricting them… you know, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of restaurants in there…

So, for example, if you look at San Francisco: 49% of their businesses were expected to be out of business by the end of the year. Do you know how much Real estate you’re going be able to pick up cheap on this? It’s phenomenal!

Now, when you realize that if they sell their tech stocks high. They can pick up the real estate really cheap. What’s important to understand is: This makes the economics of building the smart grid out in the Fed cities, remember I said 34 of 37 cities have a Federal Reserve bank or branch, so this makes building out the smart grid around the Fed banks more cheaper which I’m assuming they want to do if they want to come out with a crypto system.

So Mr Global is my name for the commitee that runs the world—the defining characteristic of life on planet Earth, is that our real global governing system is a mystery.

And think about it, it’s ridiculous, we live in a planet and we don’t demand to know how our government system really works, but instead it’s a secret.

So, I have a lot of high-acting conjectures, of who and what that is but for now we’ll call it Mr Global.

So Mr Global is now implementing robotics. That’s one of the new technologies that’s really starting to make an enormous difference.

So here’s our robot, and here’s our human. And of course the question for Mr Global is: Which is more efficient doing what?

In other words, if I’m supposed to manage the planet and all the natural resources, and harvest it to my benefit, and make sure my risk is reduced: How much do I want to use robots for and how much do I want to use humans for?

Now the evil genius of hooking everyone into the cloud with a crypto system is that: with an AI and software, I can have the humans teach the robots through the AI and software how to do all their jobs.

And in fact I was at the Aspen institute in 2017 and I was having a discussion with a venture capitalist billionaire type and he looked at me with these amazingly dead eyes and he said:

“Look honey, you know, I can take every company, completely automate it with software and robotics and fire all the humans, we don’t need them anymore.”

I’ve never talked to anyone who didn’t understand the riot part, cause that’s a very typical old game of real estate acquisition especially in poor neighborhoods.

So we have Mr Global at the top. We have the database and software systems using artificial intelligence—a very important part of this now is the satellite system that’s being put up in the orbital platform, and using telecommunications and digital technology. They have the ability 24/7 to track and monitor both your humans and your robots and the question for Mr Global is:

What’s more efficient? If I can do everything with robots then what do I do with the humans? I don’t need them anymore.

—Are we seeing built a kind of human farming or something?

So they would describe it as resource management and if you look at the technocracy and the writing about technocracy—so many of us describe it as: we’re moving from whatever systems we use now to a technocracy.

You have 2 different visions of the world:

My vision of the world is that humans are sovereign individuals whose freedom comes by divine authority that is what the bill of rights, the declaration of independence, the constitution all revolve around the image of a sovereign individual as someone who is free by divine authority.

In the vision of technocracy, a human is a natural resource like an oil deposit and to be used a such, so they’re not a sovereign individual, they’re labor. And they’re more efficient or less efficient than a robot at different functions, in other words what I’m saying is: Mr Global views the human race as alive livestock not someone with which they share empathy, they don’t view us as the same species as them; and in fact, with a lot of the biotechnology they figure they’re going to live much longer lives than we do and live very differently than we do.

So one of the challenges with the secrecy as one group becomes much more technologically advanced, is they separate culturally, legally, financially from all the other groups. In other words, they have literally broken away and created a separate civilization. They don’t think of themselves as part of our civilization anymore.