Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series – Session 8: Helen Jones

The Pioneer Series are interviews with awakened individuals from all walks of life who are dedicated to help create a Real Home World.

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Session 8:

Helen Jones

Helen Jones

Helen is a gifted master healer, spiritual mentor and channel based in the midlands in the UK, who believes we all have innate, powerful capabilities within us to heal ourselves and transform our lives.

After suffering trauma and years of immobilising ill health, a spiritual awakening revealed the inner guidance she needed to heal herself and enhance her life. 

She now shares her exceptional wisdoms and gifts to support people through their own self healing and awakening process, using a variety of tools and ongoing channelled support.

Mass Healing Meditations – ONE MIND TOGETHER 

Helen beliefs are we must accept equal responsibility to bring about global change and healing for humanity. She’s working to unite us as one mind through powerful guided daily meditations, to positively influence our collective reality and harness the creative power of the universe through the subconscious. 

Her powerful channelled meditations guide your mind and soul to connect on mass in the quantum field, focusing intentions on creating change we all wish to see. She invites you to join her meditations of love for yourself, to collectively share deep healing life force energy, the power of pure love and light within, to support healing for humanity, yourselves and accelerate the jump to new golden age earth storyline.

Helen’s website is:

Global Mass Healing One Mind Together:

Daily Mass Meditations for Humanity. Uniting committed light workers to Meditate together for the greater good. ♡ Many MINDS make LIGHT work! Join us to raise vibrational frequency for humanity by collectively harnessing the power of our minds:




GUIDED MASS MEDITATION. Raise vibration of Mother Earth and humanity.

As one mind we raise vibration and positively influencing the hearts and souls of those on earth, and focus intentions on changing to our collective reality. Embodying pure intentions, expand your light and send unconditional love to all hearts and souls on earth.

FREE LIVE Zoom session to counter the negative vibrations from the queen’s funeral.

The world will require some additionally TLC as the vibrations will feel dense.

This meditation is held during the day for global access.  It will be recorded as audio for the group as our new 7 day download mass healing meditation together ❤️ 

Embody the light we create and shine unconditional love and light brightly into all souls and mother earth.

We’ll set collective intentions that raise the collective vibration.

Together we can – and will move the frequency and resonance up the polarity scale to joy and happiness.

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