Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series – Session 16: Sarah Shepherd

The Pioneer Series are conversations with Individuals who’ve been through their Dark Night of the Soul, found their own Healing and are now dedicated to sharing their Unique Self-Expression to help create a Real Home World.

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Session 16:

Sarah Shepherd

Sarah Shepherd

Sarah Shepherd is focused on building a health care system within our healthcare system, based on a new ecology – a marketplace that teaches patients how to heal deliberately and consistently as a way of life. A system that is built by practitioners, for practitioners.

After establishing her first Massage Therapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Sarah went on to grow her clinic to multiple 7 figures and a team of 30+ experts. She continues to practice massage and energetic healing modalities included in Andean shamanism, breath work (pranayama) and therapeutic movement.

Sarah dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to helping other health professionals and practice owners realize their own goals and aspirations. She coaches leadership through understanding team dynamics, weaving together her spa and clinical management experience as well as her private coaching and retreat event management background. She uses her industry expertise in business development and health plan programming in combination with her Human Design and Gene Keys teaching career.

Karma Well Health was born from Sarah’s passion that health and wellness industry leaders and multi-disciplinary practitioners are stronger when in collective collaboration. Her experience with her membership based massage business taught her the value of creating a container of expectation for care but it also demonstrated how a business could provide the practitioner a place for them to thrive with predictable and reliable membership revenue.

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