Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 69 – New Hampshire Audit Confirms Voting Machines Results Unreliable – 4th Line of Your Radiance: Friendship

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Chanel Rion’s interview with President Trump was on OAN. Check it out if you have not already seen it.

Myanmar will dissolve Suu Kyi’s entire party due to election fraud in the November election.

Election Fraud:

New Hampshire Audit Confirms Voting Machines Results Unreliable:

“The results confirm the machine totals from the 2020 Election in Windham, NH were incorrect; the cause of the discrepancy remains under investigation.” NH WAS RED

According to Ken Eyring, preliminary results of the vote totals produced by running all of the ballots from Windham’s Nov. 3, 2020, general election through all of Windham’s four voting machines configured on Nov. 3 raise important questions. He noted that the table and graph below (see in article—link below) display some troubling results of the Rockingham District 7 State Rep race. Eyring, who believes it is time to get rid of the aging Diebold machines and examine conducting a hand-count of every vote on election night, elaborated:

“The audit results of each machine are significantly different from the results produced on 11/3/20. Why? The audit results are closer to the results of the hand recount that was overseen by the Secretary of State’s office that took place on 11/12/20, but those results are also significantly different for five of the candidates. This could be due to the fact that some of the counted votes during the 11/12/20 recount were tallied based on clear voter intent that was acknowledged by everyone observing.”

“Another disturbing observation is the variation of between 2 – 44 votes when the results of each candidate are compared across each machine’s audit results. There’s a minuscule difference of 2 votes for Ioana Singureanu between all four machines and a massive number of 44 votes for Bob Lynn between AccuVote #2 and AccuVote #4. A potential error of 44 votes is unacceptable in any election—because it could cause the wrong person to be declared the winner and subsequently sworn into office.”

Arizona Audit:

Maricopa County’s Attorney Office Writes Senate Leader Karen Fann – Requests ALL DOCUMENTS Regarding Deleted Election Database Directory

Take part in the Precinct Strategy: learn about becoming a Precinct Committeeman in your area. There is over a 50% vacancy rate for local Precinct Committemen positions in the Republican Party. If we want to drain the swamp, push the Rhino’s out of the party, set the agenda on America First and SAVE OUR REPUBLIC, we will take part, do our Civic duty and follow this plan:

What is a Precinct Committeeman?

Pennsylvania Voters Strip Dem Governor Tom Wolf Of Dictatorial Powers

Wolf has yet to issue an official statement but when he does, he’ll surely be howling in outrage.

South Carolina governor signs open carry bill into law


Reporter gets access to Michigan’s COVID nursing home death data. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie LeDuff reaches settlement with Whitmer administration to settle Covid-19 nursing home FOIA lawsuit.

Confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci has decreased 42.2 percent among Americans in the past year, according to a Trafalgar Group survey.

Respondents were asked, “Has your confidence in Dr. Fauci gone up or down in the past year?” While 42.2 percent said confidence has gone down, 22.1 percent said it has increased, and 26.1 percent said it is unchanged.(leftists that love their jailer, Stockholm syndrome they are)

The two Bureau of Prison guards tasked with monitoring deceased finance mogul and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at the time of his death in a New York jail have admitted they falsified records. They have agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors in which they admit to falsifying records from that night, in exchange for a deal with federal prosecutors, community service and no jail time, authorities said Friday.

Prison workers Tova Noel and Michael Thomas kept logs that indicated they made the required wellness checks on Epstein on the night of his death, which is shrouded in controversy. After being charged with falsifying records in 2019, the guards admitted this week “that they ‘willfully and knowingly completed materially false count and round slips regarding required counts and rounds.’”

Netflix CEO contributes $3 million to help Newsom fight recall

Bitcoin, Cryptos & Blockchain:

Money = Human time.

Inflation on money = Theft of human time.

Central bank = Institution managing money.

Central bank inflating money supply = Institution of systemized time theft.

In short = Slavery.

Bitcoin fixes this.

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we’ll be looking at the 4th Line of your Radiance: Friendship. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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