Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 67 – US House Intelligence Committee Believes Covid-19 Leaked from a Lab in Wuhan China – Second Line of Your Radiance: Marriage

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New York Prosecutors Publicly Declare A Criminal Investigation of the Trump Organization

US Govt seeks to dismiss Carter Page FISA lawsuit.

After hiding evidence of FISA abuse for years, DOJ/FBI now says Carter Page lawsuit was filed too late.

DOJ claims lying to the FISA Court “is not a perversion of the judicial process.” It argues that it can abuse the FISA process, spy on American citizens with an invalid warrant, and cannot be held liable.


Communist Professor Declares That US Was Defeated In “Biological War” With China

How the COVID lab leak theory went from panned to seriously considered

House Intelligence Committee Republicans reported Wednesday evening they believe the U.S. government has engaged in “dangerous scientific research with China” that gives increasing credence to the theory that COVID-19 may have accidentally leaked from a lab in Wuhan as early as October 2019.

Even Politifact had to retract!

Pennsylvania votes to curb Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s emergency powers imposed during COVID pandemic

The People Stand:

Within the last few days, an employee of Target went to work and – sick and tired of having her rights trampled upon – refused to wear her mask as directed by her employer. She informed her manager that she would not comply with his directive to wear the mask, that there was no scientific basis for the rule, and that there was no legal authority, which would allow him to enforce it. The employee added that she was in contact with the legal team at America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) specifically an attorney named Tom Rentz, and had retained his services.

The Target manager directed the woman in question to go home and advised she was being terminated. Within 24 hours she was contacted at home and called back into work. The mask requirement was dropped. Apparently, somebody at Target’s legal department knew the name Tom Rentz and had bothered to check the law.

America’s Frontline Doctors has filed a TRO to immediately halt the extension of the EUA that is permitting experimental biological agents to be given to America’s 12-15 year olds.  

TRO Papers have been submitted to the Court.

This was a massive effort by dozens of incredibly talented, hardworking patriotic people. 

I ask all journalists and influencers to please post widely and repeatedly. For the first time in our nation’s history, America’s children are being treated like guinea pigs with an experimental agent, claiming it is to protect them from a virus which has, by Defendant’s own admission, a zero percent chance of death for this age group.  

“Kids are one third of our population and all of our future. 
Kids are never the experiment. Protect the Children.” 
America’s Frontline Doctors

May God Bless America,

Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM

CEO / Founder: America’s Frontline Doctors

35 RINOs voted with Democrats for the Jan 6th commission. Know their names and if they are in your district, give them a call.

Solid Q Proof — This one is as good as they come:


Kanekoa The Great:

“In order to understand how corrupt GA’s electronic voting systems are, you first must understand the Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs) Gov. Brian Kemp and SOS Raffensperger installed across every county in 2019.

Election security experts warn that these voting machines are the most vulnerable to hacking. These BMDs generate a summary card that some officials call a “paper ballot” or more accurately call “machine-marked paper ballots”.

These “machine-marked paper ballots” place a large barcode or QR code above or below human readable text. The barcode, which humans can’t of course read, is the only part of the ballot counted as their vote.

Here is the problem:

Election security experts warn that hackers can manipulate these barcodes to flip votes and voters would have no idea. The paper may read Donald Trump, but the barcode could actually be tallying a vote for Joe Biden, and the voter would not know the difference.

The solution is simple: Hand-Marked Paper Ballots.”

Code Monkey:

“Duplicate ballot without corresponding original ballot” is a nice way of saying FAKE BALLOT.

Five eastern Oregon counties voted Tuesday to consider joining Idaho, the biggest victory to date for the movement to split off from the Democrat-controlled blue state by redrawing state lines.

Bitcoin, Cryptos & Blockchain:

$750,000,000 worth of #bitcoin was just moved off of exchanges in the last 10 minutes. Someone bought the dip.

Does this movement look organic to you?

Bitcoin Tumbles After Treasury Unveils Stricter Crypto Reporting To IRS

Bitcoin has died 414 times

From Bitcoin Obituaries – “Bitcoin is Dead” Declared 400+ Times

The narrative “they” want you to believe and spook you. When this happens, translation is to buy more, not sell. Hope those that could yesterday did…as bounce looks healthy

Opinion: Is Elon Musk a Black Hat?

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Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we’ll be looking at the 2nd Line of your Radiance: Marriage. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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