Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 6 – The Art of Subversion – Part 5

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The Art of Subversion – Part 5

  1. Crisis: the process begins when the legitimate bodies of power, the social structures collapses, they can’t function anymore.

So instead we have artificial bodies injected into society: Non elected commitees. Social workers who are not elected by the people, media who are self appointed rulers of your opinion, some strange groups that claim they know how to lead society forward, they don’t, all they care is how to collect the nation and sell their own concocted mixture of religion and ideology.

Here we have all these artificial bodies claiming power. If the power is denied to them, they take it by force.

Crisis is when society can’t function productively anymore, it collapses.

Therefore, the population at large is looking for a saviour. The religious groups are expecting a Messiah to come. The workers say, we have family to feed, we need a strong man, a strong government, a leader.

This is when a foreign nation or a local group of leftists ( no matter what they call themselves.) A saviour comes and says, I will lead you.

Now we have two alternatives here:

Civil War and Invasion

The Civil War is artificially implanted and or the country is invaded because is now too weak to stand on its own.

Next step is:

4. Normalization: The military moves in to cease the violence. At this point, the self appointed rulers don’t need any revolution and/or radicalization anymore, this is the reverse of destabilization, it is to stabilize the country by force under their standards.

So all the sleepers and activists and social workers and liberals and homosexuals and professors and Marxists and Lennininsts are eliminated, physically sometimes, they’ve done their job already, they’re not needed anymore.

The new owners now need stability to exploit the country, to take advantage of the resources. So no more revolutions now, normalization. No more strikes.

Intellectuals will not let you stop the process because they consider it interference into domestic affairs.

To Reverse the Process:

  1. Normalization: From here it always take military force, no other force can undo the subversion at this point.
  2. Crisis — Civil War or Invasion: At this point it does not take military invasion, it takes strong action to prevent the “Saviour” from outside to come into power and to stabilize the country before it erupts into civil war. It takes support by right wing conservative forces, by money, by crooks or love, it doesn’t matter. Stabilize the country, don’t let the country develop into a civil war or an invasion.

The liberals will say it’s against the law, the congress will not appropriate money for covert actions. But they must be taken.

  1. Destabilization: At this point also the process could be reversed much easier than at the crisis. At this point what it takes is restriction of some liberties of some groups that are declared enemies of the society.

The media and the liberals will scream anything like “this is against the American constitution!” How can by force deny the civil rights to criminals!” But if you allow them, these criminals will bring the country to the Crisis. This is a bloodless way to avoid the crisis. Curb the rights of these criminals.

It doesn’t mean to put them in concentration camps, it means: do not allow them to take political force. Do not elect them to the seats of power, whether is municipality, state or federal level. These individuals are the enemy at this point. If they get to the Normalization they will be executed because they’re not needed anymore.

To curb unlimited monopolistic power of trade unions at the destabilization point will save the economy from collapsing.

To introduce a law to stop private companies from raping public opinion mind in the direction of consumerism.

No company must have a right to force you into buying more unless you want it. It must be against the law to force people to consume more.

Before demoralization, self-restraint was the business of the spirituality. The design of our lives is not to consume more stuff.

It’s very easy to avoid destabilization by denying the greedy companies one little freedom forcing you into turning yourself into processors of unwanted products and goods. They turn you into machines.

Destabilization can be easily curbed by a degree of self-restraint in consumerism.