Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 5 – The Art of Subversion – Part 4

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The Art of Subversion – Part 4

  1. Destabilization: To destabilize all the relations, all the accepted institutions and organizations in the country of your enemy:
  • Economy
  • Labor Relations
  • Law and Order + Military
  • Media (wider scope)

Economy: the radicalization of the bargaining process. In the destabilization phase, we can’t come to compromise even within the family. It’s impossible to reach a constructive compromise. Normal traditional relations are destabilized. No more acceptance of demands of workers. Violent clashes between two or more groups is presented as something normal

Law and order is pushed into an area where previously people settled their differences peacefully and legitimately, now we can’t solve problems anymore in the courts cases. The society at large becomes more and more antagonistic, within individuals, groups of individuals and the society at large

The Media puts itself in the opposition to the society in general, at large, separate, alienated. At this point the sleepers are activated. These are the exchange students, and or indoctrinated useful idiots (antifa/blm) and they become leaders of groups, preachers, prominent public figures. They actively include themselves in the political process.

Now a homosexual is a political issue, he demands recognition, respect, human rights and he rallies a large group of people and there are violent clashes between him and his group and the police and ordinary people no matter what: it is black against white, Christian against Muslim, homos against hetero, gun owners vs anti-gun. It doesn’t matter as long as a group comes into antagonistic clash, sometimes militant, sometimes with fire arms.

This is destabilization,a t this point the sleepers take on leadership positions and they’re already here as respected members of society, sometimes they get money from various foundations for his “legitimate struggle for human rights, ecology, child labor, women’s rights, transgenderism… etc.” There are sympathetic people who dominate money to them.

The destabilization usually leads directly to the process of crisis

  1. Crisis: the process begins when the legitimate bodies of power, the social structures collapses, they can’t function anymore.

So instead we have artificial bodies injected into society: Non elected committees. Social workers who are not elected by the people, media who are self appointed rulers of your opinion, some strange groups that claim they know how to lead society forward, they don’t, all they care is how to collect the nation and sell their own concocted mixture of religion and ideology.

Here we have all these artificial bodies claiming power. If the power is denied to them, they take it by force.

Crisis is when society can’t function productively anymore, it collapses.

Therefore, the population at large is looking for a saviour. The religious groups are expecting a Messiah to come. The workers say, we have family to feed, we need a strong man, a strong government, a leader.

This is when a foreign nation or a local group of leftists ( no matter what they call themselves.) A saviour comes and says, I will lead you.

Now we have two alternatives here:

Civil War and Invasion