Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 39 – The First Three Words In The Constitution Are: “We The People”

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We the People

The first three words in the Constitution are the most powerful: We the People

They declare that the Constitution derives its power not from a king or a Congress, but from the people themselves

This concept of popular sovereignty—power to the people—is the foundation upon which the entire Constitution depends.




If you ever feel like God isn’t there, I’ll remind you of one thing…

“The teacher is always silent during the test.”

  • Lebron wants to explain himself. Back pedaling so hard – His Comments section does NOT give AF. He’s getting roasted.

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, we continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile and today we look at the dynamic of the Pathway of Challenge, Programming Partners, The Life’s Work and the Evolution.

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Financial Segment:

In our Financial Segment, we continue with the commentary on “The State of Our Currencies” Report by Catherine Austin Fitts and today we take a look at Putin’s view of the dollar as global currency reserve and what are dollar settlements.

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