Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Episode 131 – NSO’s Pegasus Spyware: Global Abuse of Cyber Surveillance – Gene Keys: Line 6 of Your Radiance, Nurture

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Pegasus Spyware

Leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon.

Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists.

The phones of 50,000 individuals, including human rights activists and journalists, have been targeted by surveillance tools that were used by numerous governments. These tools can hack any iOS and Android phone, and there is no way to protect your device from it. It doesn’t matter which apps you use, because the system is breached on a deeper level.

According to the Snowden revelations from 2013, both Apple and Google are part of the global surveillance program that implies that these companies have to, among other things, implement backdoors into their mobile operating systems. These backdoors, usually disguised as security bugs, allow US agencies to access information on any smartphone in the world.

The problem with such backdoors is that they are never exclusive to just one party. Anybody can exploit them. So if a US security agency can hack an iOS or Android phone, any other organization that uncovers these backdoors can do the same. Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what has been taking place: an Israeli company called NSO Group has been selling access to the spying tools that allowed third parties to hack tens of thousands of phones.

Since at least 2018, I have been aware that one of my phone numbers was included in a list of potential targets of such surveillance tools (although a source from the NSO Group denies it). Personally, I wasn’t worried: since 2011, when I was still living in Russia, I’ve got used to assuming that all my phones were compromised. Anyone who gains access to my private data will be utterly disappointed – they will have to go through thousands of concept designs for Telegram features and millions of messages related to our product development process. They won’t find any important information there.

However, these surveillance tools are also used against people far more prominent than me. For example, they were employed to spy on 14 heads of state. The existence of backdoors in crucial infrastructure and software creates a huge challenge for humanity. That’s why I have been calling upon the governments of the world to start acting against the Apple-Google duopoly in the smartphone market and to force them to open their closed ecosystems and allow for more competition.

So far, even though the current market monopolization increases costs and violates privacy and freedom of speech of billions, government officials have been very slow to act. I hope the news that they themselves have been targeted by these surveillance tools will prompt politicians to change their minds.

-Pavel Durov (Telegram CEO)

3 things will come from the “Pegasus” story: 

– Widespread spying is a huge problem in a country. 

– Privacy is a right, not a luxury. 

– Both sides are being spied on and watched over. 

It’s just like the election in many regards, it effects us all. It doesn’t matter if your candidate is currently sitting in the oval and you feel like you’ve won. Your voice was truly silenced and if it can happen to us, it can happen to you! 

Flynn knows where the bodies are buried via Pegasus. 

Remember, intelligence is BOTH sides of the coin.

He knew what they were going to use Pegasus for — Spying on Americans for political gain illegally under the guise of the FISA courts.

They used Pegasus against him and he knew that was coming, that is why he used a cell phone (open sourced call) which allowed Pegasus access to illegally spy on him and his phone call. 

Flynn allowed the setup to occur to lay the frame work for us to SEE. We SAW what they did to him and to Trump and everyone else. 

Sometimes you have to SHOW the public. 

Flynn made himself the bait. We thank you for your service sir.

They are really after us, Trump is just in the way. 

My thinking here is that using the 3 jump rule that the FISA courts allowed would be applied to anyone in contact with those being spied on. 

Let’s think social media ; does a retweet count? Are we being surveilled via Pegasus?

Gene Keys

Today on our Gene Keys section we’ll be looking at Line 6 of Your Radiance: Nurture and continue to look at John F. Kennedy’s Hologenetic Profile as our practical example.

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Watch Richard Rudd’s commentary on the term ‘Hologenetic Profile’ as it appears in the Gene Keys Synthesis. The Hologenetic Profile is defined as a universal geometric matrix whose central purpose is to show the relationship between an individual and the whole. Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalized map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspects of your unique genius.

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How to Read your Hologenetic Profile:

The 4 Prime Gifts are always 2 Sets of Programing Partners: Set 1: Life’s Work & Evolution. Set 2: Radiance & Purpose.

Example of Two Programming Partners in The Hexagram Wheel: They’re always opposites to one another.

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