Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Episode 111 – Is Ingersoll Lockwood Dot Com Q 2.0? Controlled Opposition? or Just Marketing?– Gene Keys: The Shadow of Your Evolution

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Ingersoll Lockwood

Is Ingersoll Lockwood Dot Com Q 2.0? Controlled Opposition? or just plain marketing?

Who was (is) Ingersoll Lockwood?

But most important what is this company: Ingersoll Lockwood Inc? Located at Pennsylvania Avenue NW 10th Floor, Suite 1025 Washington, DC 20006.

Whatever we may think about Tesla, Time Traveling and Donald Trump’s uncle, Ingersoll Lockwood Inc. appear to be a company with our Planet’s best interests at heart. This is why throughout the next few episodes we will be covering this company and their many proposals for the future of our civilization.

In the meantime, here are a few rabbit holes for you to dive in, have fun!

Go to:

On the library page:
The library page title “welcome to the library…” is a link.
Each of one the three dots is a different link.
“History repeats itself” is a link
“Here on earth” is a link
And in the bottom of the page has a blank spot with more text and links

Also those red banners on top and bottom that appear when you go to a new page has some numbers.
One talks about saving the bees and the other talks about the countdown.
The numbers are Trump’s executive orders.

Copy and paste the area under prosecuted:
Copy paste into Google search…
CISA pulls up…

Research the directors of the company.
All Former military:
Unlocks a lot of hidden links.

The white space at the bottom of the page contains this:

When traveling through time, sometimes, you cannot command the destination, hence arriving in the Oregon Dunes near Florence, Oregon, without even a flask of water, was not well planned.  I was fortunate that it was the right moment in time, however, early in May, the year 1959, as I recall.  Franklin Patrick Herbert Jr. happened upon me, as expected, and became my prodigy.  I shared with him all that I could, some in metaphor, before departing for my next destination in the timeline.  I reminded him that when asked, his inspiration for Dune, a codification of the Great Awakening, must be attributed to his experiences with psilocybin and his hobby of cultivating mushrooms.  Franklin agreed.  Before I left his company, I imparted my final words of wisdom, regarding one of the 2030 timelines which I briefly experienced. 

I warned Franklin that all governments suffer a recurring problem:  Power attracts pathological personalities.  It is not that power corrupts, I warned, but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.  Such people do tend to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted. 

Hence the outcome of the 2020 election, one which Franklin most appreciatively, did not live to see.

The sleeper must awaken.

Gene Keys

Today on our Gene Keys section we’ll be looking at The Shadow of Your Evolution, and we’ll continue to look at John F. Kennedy’s Hologenetic Profile as our practical example.

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Watch Richard Rudd’s commentary on the term ‘Hologenetic Profile’ as it appears in the Gene Keys Synthesis. The Hologenetic Profile is defined as a universal geometric matrix whose central purpose is to show the relationship between an individual and the whole. Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalized map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspects of your unique genius.

Click here to learn more about how to read your Hologenetic Profile.

How to Read your Hologenetic Profile:

The 4 Prime Gifts are always 2 Sets of Programing Partners: Set 1: Life’s Work & Evolution. Set 2: Radiance & Purpose.

Example of Two Programming Partners in The Hexagram Wheel: They’re always opposites to one another.

All 64 Gene Keys’ Spectrum of Consciousness:

The 64 Victim Patterns:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Gene Keys, check out their website: This link leads to the main page.

*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and in no way I get paid to promote the Gene Keys or any of their Products. I just find it to be great information to apply and share.