Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 63 – The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! – The Shadow of your Radiance

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Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America (May 15, 2021.)

The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse. Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, will now be forced to look into this unbelievable Election crime. Many Radical Left Democrats and weak Republicans are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed. The DELETION of an entire Database and critical Election files of Maricopa County is unprecedented. Many other States to follow. The Mainstream Media and Radical Left Democrats want to stay as far away as possible from the Presidential Election Fraud, which should be one of the biggest stories of our time. Fox News is afraid to cover it—there is rarely a mention. Likewise, Newsmax has been virtually silent on this subject because they are intimidated by threats of lawsuits. One America News (OAN), one of the fastest growing networks on television, and the “hottest”, is doing a magnificent job of exposing the massive fraud that took place. The story is only getting bigger and at some point it will be impossible for the weak and/or corrupt media not to cover. Thank you to OAN and other brave American Patriots. It is all happening quickly!

Patrick M Byrne’s Book: The Deep Rig

“Hotspots”.. otherwise known as states where Democrats knew they needed to cheat like crazy in order to flip and steal the election…

“To steal the United States, you do not need to cheat widespread, you only need to cheat in six places narrow and deep. There’s six counties, really six cities. Those cities are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Why? Because those six cities share a common feature: they’re anchor cities of states that are swing states. So if you cheat like crazy in those cities–steal big time in the cities–you can flip the states they’re in, which flips the electoral college, which flips the nation. Thus, to steal the nation, you don’t need widespread election fraud, you only need it in those six places” – Patrick Byrne, author of “The Deep Rig”

The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him: (or what to send friends who ask, “Why do you doubt the integrity of Election 2020?”) Paperback – March 24, 2021
by Patrick M Byrne.

Arizona Company Runbeck Election Services Sent Fake Ballots To Georgia And It’s Closely Tied To Democrat Party

Interview with Maria Corina Machado

Electronic Voting Systems, Smartmatic, Jimmy Carter, and How an Election was Robbed. An interview with Maria Corina Machado, Venezuelan civil rights leader and persecuted politician on the truth behind the voting machines startup bought by Dominion.

Dr. Shiva’s Twitter Lawsuit

The Lawsuit with Dr. Shiva suing Twitter is a MAJOR CASE. This case could end the dominance of the unconstitutional provision of Section 230 of the Communication and Decency Act. Twitter is actually afraid because the arguments Dr. Shiva presented are valid and they have a sound legal basis.

FBI Quietly Releases Kurt Cobain Files-Murder

When will the FBI release the files on the murder of Bennington, Cornell, Avicii, Bourdain, Williams, Spade, Kappy etc…?

Eric Clapton Denounces The Vaccine

Eric Clapton has hit out at ‘propaganda’ over vaccine safety, claiming he suffered alarming side effects after his Covid jabs.

The legendary guitarist, a lockdown sceptic, said his hands and feet became ‘useless’ – prompting fears he would never play again.

In a message to his music producer, he said: ‘I took the first jab of AZ [AstraZeneca] and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days.’

Sean Ono Lennon Defends Bitcoin

Over the course of the last week, the concern tied to the environmental impact bitcoin mining produces continues to be a very topical discussion. On May 14, the musician and activist, Sean Ono Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, said that he’s more concerned with consumerism than those complaining about bitcoin’s use of electricity.

Florida Nissan Dealership Accepts Doge

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we’ll be looking at the Shadow of your Radiance. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

As I mention in the podcast today, here is the image of: The creation of Adam by Michaelangelo — See how God reaches halfway?, and how God is inside the shape that resembles a brain?

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