Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 58 – Michael Saylor: Bitcoin will dominate 21st century! – Integrating the Challenge of Your Life’s Work.

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Pipeline Crisis

FBI confirms criminal group DarkSide responsible for pipeline cyberattack, emergency declared

A U.S. Coast Guard ship fired about 30 warning shots after 13 vessels from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) came close to it and other American Navy vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, the Pentagon said today

Arizona Election Audit:

According to Dr. Kelli Ward, routers used in an election can not be shared with other departments.
Therefore, the Soros’ Sheriff admitting that the POLICE DEPARTMENT SHARED ROUTERS WITH THE ELECTION NETWORK is clearly a violation.

Arizona and the US need the whole truth!

Arizona Elections Witness Jan Bryant Joins Steve Bannon to Talk About Maricopa County Election

Jan’s testimony might explain why Maricopa County officials do not have Admin passwords or access to the Dominion voting machines. They never had them!

She testified under oath:

—That County staff, not even IT staff were allowed access to the voting machines
—She witnessed Dominion employees with a laptop computer in the counting room
—The county continued to bring in ballots for several days following the election
—On election day, Dominion operatives told the staff they had to reboot the system and sent everyone home for the day

Read Full GP Article & Watch Bannon Clip Here:

We are eagerly awaiting news from the Senate. On Friday attorney, Kory Langhofer, stated that the Senate would subpoena the County Supervisors for live testimony if they did not comply with the Senate’s January subpoena and turn-over routers and administrative passwords by end of day.

❓How can you help fight THE BIG LIE today?

❗️Support the Antrim County, Michigan case. DePerno’s team is grassroots funded:

❗️Help the Georgia audit. Consider making a donation to:

❗️Contribute to the Arizona audit. They have raised a little more than 50% of of what they need:

❗️Take a few minutes to write the AZ legislature to ask them to vote NO on sine die adjournment for the year. We need them to stay in session to address the problems revealed by the AZ audit. We’ve made it easy — just cut and paste. Focus on Senate RINO Paul Boyer who feels “embarrassed”by our audit:

Detroit Police Chief Retiring and Considering Run Against Gov. Whitmer


Plaintiffs state in their Complaint that no evidence supports the state of emergency that currently exists in North Carolina.

Financial Research:

Lets do some math:

Narrow Money – The total value of the worlds easily accessible money is 35.2 Trillion

35.2T / 130B (DOGE) = $270 per doge coin

Broad Money – The total value of the world’s money is 95.7 Trillion (including narrow money)

95.7 – 35.2 = 60.5 Trillion

60.5T / 21M (Bitcoin) = $2,880,952 per bitcoin


One-year ahead consumer price expectations:

  • gasoline 9.18%,
  • food 5.79%,
  • medical 9.13%,
  • college 5.93%,
  • rent 9.49%

Source: NY Fed

Bitcoin & Crypto:

Michael Saylor says Bitcoin has no existential threats and will dominate 21st century

And that DOGE is greater than the USD

Who is Michael Saylor:

Stay away from Shiba Inu crypto (SHIB), it’s a trap. Shiba is a DOGE wanna-be trying to confuse you.

Is Elon giving us an 11 11 nod?

1:13 on 5/11

11 35 11 = 21

21M Bitcoin

The People’s Currency- DOGE

Bitcoin will always be the Store of Value digital GOLD

We are in the smooth transition from the Rothschild’s banking cartel.

Binance is the No.1 app in the U.K.
Coinbase is the No.1 app in the USA.


A Smooth Transition!

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we look at The relationship between the first 2 spheres: The Life’s Work and the Evolution and how the revelation about your life’s Challenge will lead you to the path of breakthrough. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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