Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 57 – Arizona Election Audit Update! – Line 6 of Your Evolution: Education And Surrender.

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State of Emergency Declared in 17 States


Members of the French military publish a second letter to Emmanuel Macron’s government accusing it of “cowardice, deceit, and perversion.”


‘It’s Treason’: Joe Biden’s Secret Money Gets Exposed by Mexican President: AMLO


Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Entire Election – County Officials and Observers NEVER HAD Access or Passwords! (Video)

“It’s like buying a car, you can drive it, put gas in it,… but you can’t look under the hood…”

We the people get to look under the hood my frens.

Citizens Group in Arizona Drops a MOAB – Sues State for 2018, 2019, and 2020 Elections That Were Not In Compliance with Arizona Law

Hang Onto Your Hats… It’s Getting Wild in Arizona.

The motion filed with the AZ Supreme Court may lead to the removal from office of all state officials elected since 2018.

Federal law requires election equipment to be certified by an accredited laboratory every 2 years.

Maricopa County had its equipment certified by firms that were not accredited by the EAS.

That means both the 2018 and 2020 elections were done on machines that were out of compliance with federal election laws.

Gateway Pundit reported this and within 4 hours the EAS certified the firms used by Maricopa County.

But the firms were not certified when the elections were held.

GP provides full documents on Petition for Review Special Action In Quo Warranto filing here:

🚨Understanding SharpieGate in Maricopa County (and Kelly Dixon, Maricopa County Elections Assistant Director, Recruitment and Training)

Many Maricopa County Residents and Patriots across the Country have been asking about Sharpiegate for a long time and have received no clear answer.

❌Many Republicans were forced to cast their vote in November with a Sharpie, which people realized caused errors in the machines. The Left (and RINOs) were able to downplay and ultimately “debunked” Sharpiegate by saying ballots marked with sharpies were still readable by the machines. This is only partially true. A much higher error rate is caused as a result of the sharpies, and many ballots are “spolied”, and then need to be adjudicated.

❌Reportedly, in Maricopa County, only Democrat observers were present for most of the adjudication process. Republicans were not allowed in.

❌Additionally, Sharpies allow the ballots to be easily and quickly separated out from all the rest.

❌Were Trump votes marked by Sharpies stuck into the “Irregular Ballot” pile? Irregular ballots are not being audited in the current Maricopa County audit.

❌Which adjudicated ballots are being audited? Pre-adjudicated original or post-adjudicated reprint?

❌Were these Trump votes stuck into the “Sent to Adjudication, No Action Taken” pile?

🚨Look at the shocking number of Adjudicated ballots in Maricopa County alone:
—Total Ballots Tabulated in Maricopa County: 2,089,563
—Total Ballots Sent to Adjudication: 235,392 (over 11%; the FEC allowable rate is 0.0008%)
—Total Ballots Sent to Adjudication, No Action Taken: 103,191

📍Here are two very good summary articles from last year to help get up to speed on Kelly Dixon in Maricopa County (they have screenshots and additional links):

A letter was sent November 4, 2020 from Michael S. Catlett, Deputy Solicitor General, to Mr. Scott Jarrett, Director of Elections Day and Emergency Voting Re: Use of Sharpie Brand Markers at Maricopa County Voting Centers.

Read Nov 4 Letter Here:

The next day, after limited correspondence, Arizona Attorney General Brnovich was satisfied with the answers he received and was confident Arizona voters were not disenfranchised by sharpies.

No answers on the adjudication process. No mention of “irregular ballots.” We now know what happened, now that we see the adjudication numbers.

Maricopa County

—Total Ballots Tabulated in Maricopa County: 2,089,563
—Total Ballots Sent to Adjudication: 235,392 (over 11%; the FEC allowable rate is 0.0008%)
—Total Ballots Sent to Adjudication, No Action Taken: 103,191

Read Nov 5 letter (pictured) here:


Direct Evidence of Intentional Dominion Ballot Counting and Tabulation Fraud Submitted to Court in Michigan Following Forensic Audit of Antrim County Ballot Counting Systems



As has been reported, discoveries and filings in Antrim:

  1. 1,061 phantom ballots discovered in Antrim
  2. Nearly 100% turnout between ages 65 and 80
  3. 20.3% of all ballots were sent to PO boxes

Check out all of Dr. Douglas G Frank’s graphs, which were entered as Exhibits in the case; Precinct Townships in Antrim graphed: Banks, Central Lake, Chestonia, Custer, Echo, Elk Rapids, Forest Home, Helena, Jordan, Kearney, Mancelona, Milton, Star, Torch Lake, and Warner:[4]_ex_3_antrim_precincts.pdf

In the words of Dr. Frank, “That ain’t natural, buddy!”

View All Filings:—may-2021.html

If you’d like to donate to the legal fund: See our post on the Subpoena:


Michael Daugherty is the founder of ‘The Justice Society’, an entity in Atlanta with the mandate to ‘end persecution through process’ by training Davids to defeat Goliaths. (

“Daugherty vs. Raffensperger is the only existing case that can change the outcome of the 2020 national elections by challenging as invalid the GA U.S. Senate races,” says Michael Daugherty’s legal team.

The case alleges the runoff election for the GA U.S. Senate seats, which was certified in February of this year, was illegally executed on many levels and so does not accurately reflect the will of GA voters. The lawsuit calls for a new election based on paper ballots as provided in Georgia law.

⚖Daugherty vs. Raffensperger litigation continues! Latest update from 5/5/21, the Case was Re-assigned to another District and Judge

READ full story:

Newt Gingrich:

“You can actually buy an official Georgia presidential ballot on eBay. And, you can also buy a number of states. So when they tell you they were controlling the ballots, it’s just not true. This was a very open system. It was a system where people could cheat, and did. And without getting into an argument about how big the cheating was, it was large enough that every American should expect that they have the right to vote, that they have the right to have their vote counted, they have a right to have their vote held legally and accurately, and they shouldn’t have their vote canceled by someone who’s cheating. And that’s exactly what’s been going on… In every one of the states that was very close that Trump lost you had those kind of shenanigans and you had state law violated in every single one of those states. In my mind there was no question that those states were in fact stolen. That doesn’t make the national media happy but I think as a historian people will find it’s absolutely true.”


Gov. Ron DeSantis is Filing Massive Lawsuit Against CDC for Economic Damage to Florida Businesses

House Republicans seek information on “the possibility of a laboratory leak” having started the pandemic.

Sharri Markson with Sky News Australia reports on a 263-page paper published in 2015 by the Chinese Military Medical Science Press, which is a Chinese Government-Owned Publishing House, managed by the General Logistics Department of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

This document from 2015 is called The Unnatural Origin of SARS: A New Species of Manmade Viruses as Genetic Weapons.

It is about weaponizing SARS Coronaviruses.

It describes, “A new era of genetic weapons, which can be artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus, weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before.”

Full Video & Report Here:

America’s Frontline Doctors is now officially on Rumble.

We have uploaded all of the AFLDS videos that YouTube and other social media platforms have censored and silenced.

Get the facts, directly from our physicians and attorneys.


AZ Event Tomorrow, May 10th

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Financial analysts sound the alarm about inflation.

Inflation = theft of your wealth & liberty via the central bank


ETH Can buy you overpriced jpg’s with huge fees.

DOGE Can let you send payloads to the moon with Space X & low fees.

Choose wisely!


The Central Banks are really panicking. Coordinated a planned dump on SNL Elon DOGE day.
Trying desperately to end the people’s real chance to escape their chains of servitude.

Bitcoin = Store of Value

DOGE = Currency of the people

Who’s laughing now?

Patriots in control

A smooth transition!

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!!!

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we look at Line 6 on the Sphere of your Evolution: Education & Surrender. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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