Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 56 – Internet 3.0 Is Decentralized Blockchain – Line 5 of Your Evolution: Power & Projection.

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Cyber-Attack Shuts Down Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in US–Colonial Pipeline

New Election Evidence points to an Election Fraud sting Operation!

Arizona Election Audit:

In a shocking display of TRUTH, the Maricopa County Supervisors ADMIT that access to the routers “could potentially allow someone to intercept sensitive data”.

Did someone intercept the 2020 General Election data?

All Maricopa County voter files were breached. Only those who were on the protected address list were sent letters. The rest of the public was not sent letters because “their information is public record”. Adrian Fontes should have, by law, addressed this because he was still in office.

Why would Adrian Fontes NOT notify the public or those on the protected address list?

Why did Stephen Richer wait until mid-March to notify of the breach?

How were the records accessed?
Exactly what voter information was “gathered”?

When was the attack identified?

What steps were taken to “successfully” stop the activity?

What “security measures” were immediately put into place to prevent this from occurring in the future?

AZ Sen. Kelly Townsend: Everyone Knows You Don’t Try to Stop an Audit with the Fervency We’ve Seen if There’s Nothing to Hide (VIDEO)

OAN Reporting on Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ Campaign Donations:

The New American reporting on Sheriff Paul Penzone’s Campaign Donations by George Soros:


Katie Hobbs & Sheriff Penzone are doing everything they can to halt the Maricopa County audit. Both were funded by Soros to get into office, & Katie Hobbs was funded by a Foreign Government.

📍Email AZ AG:

Attorney General Mark Brnovich:

According to the Federal Election Commission website, “Campaigns may not solicit or accept contributions from foreign nationals. Federal law prohibits contributions, donations, expenditures, and disbursements solicited, directed, received, or made directly or indirectly by or from foreign nationals in connection with any election – federal, state, or local.” A foreign national specifically concerns foreign governments.

We request you launch an immediate investigation into Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ donations from Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it appears to be a direct violation of Campaign Finance Laws.

📍Send to:,,

Writ of Quo Warranto:

A Petition for Review Special Action in Writ of Quo Warranto was delivered to the Arizona Supreme Court on Friday

For a short definition, Quo Warranto is a special form of legal action used to resolve a dispute over whether a specific person has the legal right to hold an office.

The PETITIONERS (ones who filed it) are not all public.

The Named RESPONDENTS are as follows:

Governor Doug Ducey
Secretary of State Katie Hobbs
State Treasurer Kimberly Yee
Maricopa Sheriff Paul Penzone
Pima Sheriff Chris Nanos
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego
Tucson Mayor Regina Romero
Maricopa Recorder Stephen Richer
Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman
Corporations Commissioner Ana Tovar
Corporations Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson
Corporations Commissioner Sandra D. Kennedy
Corporations Commissioner Justin Olson
District 9 Senator Victoria Steele
District 10 Senator Kirsten Engle
District 25 Representative Russell Bowers
District 9 Representative Randall Friese
District 10 Representative Domingo DeGarzia
District 12 Representative Travis Grantham

The Petitioners challenge the Respondents’ right to office based on actions by others that were in direct violation of Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) Federal Law and State Statute.

“Conditions for receiving votes for office were not met as to law and statute. Therefore Respondents are inadvertent usurpers.”

“Our rights have been grossly violated and injury occurred and is occurring. The facts show clearly egregious illegality. Results of these failures render null the leadership in place.”

The Relief Requested:
Petitioner respectfully requests that the Court enter Judgement against the Respondents as follows:

  1. Order that each Respondent be removed from the trusted office that is now held unlawfully.
  2. Order a pro-tempore only seat to the challengers until such time as free, fair and secure elections can be held.

Click Here to download the press release of the Writ of Quo Warranto in pdf form

CDC: 4,178 Americans DEAD Following Experimental COVID Injections – Deaths from COVID Shots now Equal 20 Years of Recorded Deaths Following Vaccines Since 2001.

Nancy Messonnier, the senior CDC official who first warned the US about the coronavirus pandemic, is resigning. Did you know she is Rod Rosenstein’s sister?


Blexit Foundation was founded by two Conservatives, Candace Owens, and Brandon Tatum (former police officer, resides in Arizona).

Blexit has an awesome Arizona Chapter with over 500 active members!

Their vision is to create a better future for minority communities, with a focus on African Americans (& to “Exit the Left”).

-Advocates for School Choice & alternative educational opportunities for America’s low-income children

-Promotes criminal justice reform for those impacted by the penal system & develops educational programs to help communities avoid incarceration

-Champions entrepreneurship & free enterprise as keys to escaping government dependence & poverty

-Develops history programs that will inspire minority children to succeed & lead productive lives

If you would like to learn more or volunteer, visit their website, or email!

Blexit Website:
Blexit Arizona Chapter:
State Director Stephanie Jackson Email:

Blexit Arizona hosts many events! May is a busy month for Blexit, it’s BACK THE BLUE MONTH. They have an upcoming social event to help spread awareness on May 15th @ 6:30-9pm MST in Phoenix.

Please help spread the word. If you would like to join, volunteer, or learn more, reach out to the State Director Stephanie Jackson:

Code Monkey’s Unreleased November Article on Online Censorship

On November 4, 2020, I wrote an article that I sent off to get published. The rag I sent it to never published it for whatever reason.
Ill publish it here for the first time for you to read. Too bad it was never published back in November, a lot of what I wrote became relevant very quickly in the weeks and months following the 2020 General Election.

Full text:

On November 3, 2020, I resigned officially as the administrator of 8kun and have relinquished all related duties and tasks. Much knowledge was learned and skills honed from spending long hours contributing as a volunteer to the project. By April 2020, I had already made up my mind to step down, but was busy fighting a hidden war against deplatforming and wanted to at least see the project through to the day of the general election. By summer, the thick and gooey atmosphere of cancel culture had started to manifest into an almost physically tangible entity. I stood by and watched with a sordid curiousity as a digital macabre horror unfolded in front of me with people and groups succombing to cancel culture’s unfathomable power and influence as if mice approaching the cheese-laden mouse trap of deplatforming, of shadowbanning, of omission. As Americans, the first ammendment of our Bill of Rights does not allow Congress to abridge our freedom of speech or prohibit our free expression in their law making, but most people are unaware that the “freedom of speech” is not required to be upheld by most service providers to their customers or user bases. Demanding the “freedom of speech” as a community member utilizing such a web service is something that might feel right based on intuition, but in the best of cases is often not the well-intentioned meaning of the web service, and in the worst of cases can easily be used to mislead or even subvert the end user by providing a false sense of freedom.

End users approaching the slippery slope of online content moderation must proceed using caution especially when dealing with any website or online service which touts itself as a “freedom first” or a “first ammendment” service. Content moderators of all services have their own biases which will always reflect directly onto the actions they perform as a content moderator. For content moderators, the first generality of moderating a “free speech” web service is the inherent “my speech is free, and yours isn’t” mantra of which they all chant in unison regardless of their forward-facing assurances or intentions. The only way to have truly free online speech is to not allow content moderators to edit or remove anything except content which is absolutely and/or justifiably illegal within whichever jurisdiction(s) the service is bound or limited to.

Imagine one day you decide to create an online haven for free speech and market it rightly so. You invite your friends and family, and everyone enjoys intellectual conversation together in relative peace and tranquility. All is fine until one day some spam and off-topic noise begin to trickle in from a small group of newly-arrived outsiders who have setup camp in your once-peaceful online free speech community. You, as the content moderator, quickly learn the appeal and power of the “Delete” and “Edit” buttons which sit comfortably next to each block of user-submitted text. Initially taking a cautious approach, you delete text with which you disagree and alter other text slightly to further whichever narrative is brewing in your mind. Eventually blinded with power, you begin to cut large swaths of users with just the one tiny motion of your finger clicking the mouse. You feel invincible as the denizens of your community beg for mercy from – you – the content moderator of whom they have placed their blind and absolute trust in to fairly govern free speech. Bound by no constitutional law, bound by no checks and balances, bound by no governance of any kind, you ramp up your censorship until you are personally censoring the President of the United States himself.
You truly are invincible.

Now I stand as a normal end-user, liberated from the inner machinations of tyrannical content moderators. The sapid irony of social and mass media is not lost on me as I observe President Trump caught in their ever-sticky tentacles fighting the cancel culture hydra head-on. There were many chances in the first four years of his elected term to address the issue of out-of-control content moderation, however, be it through hubris, policy ineffectivity, or just plain underestimation, cancel culture has festered and boiled over to become the most underestimated political monster of our generation.

X22 Report on Inflation: Collin Kettell – Central Banks Took The Bait, Inflation Can Not Be Contained, Gold Will Destroy The Central Banks

Value of all cryptocurrency assets combined exceeds that of the USD in circulation for the first time.

Pretty fast article…they worried?

People think Bitcoin is too expensive however when you price in SATS its CHEAP!
SATS = Satoshis = Bitcoin

ETH blockchain is 7 TERABYTES!

Bitcoin is around 350 Gigabytes

Try running a full ETH node!!!

Bitcoin is decentralized because anyone can run a node!

Super easy now too with Umbrel only about $150 in parts and download takes about 4-7 days.

Run your personal Bitcoin and Lightning Network node, self-host open source apps, cut out the middlemen, and use Bitcoin to its full potential. For free.

PAC Protocol:

👉A new version of the internet which is decentralized and built around blockchain is currently under construction and may soon challenge Google, Microsoft and other tech giants in how data is managed.

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we look at Line 5 on the Sphere of your Evolution: Power And Projection. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the Gene Keys, check out their website: This link leads to the main page.

*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and in no way I get paid to promote the Gene Keys or any of their Products. I just find it to be great information to apply and share.