Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 55 – Important Message from General Flynn – Line 4 of Your Evolution: Love and Community – How Bitcoin is Mined.

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Message from General Flynn:

Our nation stands at the crossroads of history and we face a very serious decision point in the life of our nation, The United States of America. If We The People don’t step up and place demands on ALL elected officials to discover the truth of this last election (3 NOV, 2020), we may never have another free and fair election for any elected office again. This is not a political party issue, this is an American issue. Free and fair elections represent the essence of democracy and many thousands of Americans have fought and died for us all to be free and able to vote as equals…one person, one vote. All of us in living legally in the United States of America are created equal in the eyes of God 🙏🏻🇺🇸

The people’s general is finally on Telegram! Follow him at the handle below which has been verified to be authentic:


Q Post Regarding the times:

The BBC has declared itself the arbiter of acceptable free speech now?

Farmers in Punjab took to the streets on Saturday to protest the lockdowns. 🔥

Supreme Court delivers 6-3 Ruling that ordered lower courts in New Jersey and Colorado to rehear cases about coronavirus restrictions for religious gatherings after the high court’s recent decision not to allow New York to impose similar restrictions

… And there it is. The truth. AZ State Rep. Jake Hoffman Audio Interview: “Teaching Critical Race Theory in schools makes it ‘easier to control the population”.

MOAR Panic
Maricopa Board of Supervisors is in emergency session to concoct more lies about why they can’t turn over routers to the audit team as required by subpoena.

Biden’s Chief of Staff sends his own daughter to commit perjury to try to stop the audit. So now Biden’s office is involved. Getting worried?

Do you risk using close associates (and bad optics) if you have a large pool of operatives to draw from, or when your pool is shrinking?

Daughter of Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Signs Letter to DOJ to Stop the Elections Audit in Arizona.

Swiss Diplomat Sylvie Brunner Who Represented Biden Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran

The Illuminati knows the crypto market is wrecking their control systems so they want to introduce their own “central bank digital currnecy” to try to keep up.

Don’t mind the all-seeing eye on the Rothschild-owned Economist’s art.

Gene Keys:

On our Gene Keys Segment, today we look at the sphere of your Evolution. We also continue to look at Donald Trump’s Hologenetic Profile as a practical example.

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