Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Episode 541 – The Siddhi of Gene Key 22: The 7 Seals and The Apocalypse

St. John, in the Book of Revelations, describes 7 Angels opening 7 Seals, each of them unraveling stages of the Apocalypse up until the opening of the 7th Seal when evil is vanquished forever. This is the allegory of the awakening of our DNA. As higher consciousness imbues humanity, it opens up the chakras in our body and throughout all of humanity. This is the manifestation of Christ consciousness on Earth.

The 22nd Gene Key is the foundation of the Venus Sequence in the Hologenetic Profile. This is the Core of the personal and relationship healing work we’re doing here with the Gene Keys. You can listen to the 110 Episodes of the Venus Sequence beginning on: Episode 144 and all through until Episode 254.

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