Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 4 – The Art of Subversion – Part 3

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The Art of Subversion – Part 3

– Continuation from Episode 3 (see Episode 2 for original video link.)

Law and Order: Create hatred and mistrust on the people that is supposed to protect you and enforce law and order.

A slow substitution of basic moral principles whereby a criminal is not a criminal, he’s a defendant even if his guilt is proven.

Labor Relations, Unions: At this point between 15 to 20 years, the subverter destroy the traditionally established links of bargaining between employer and employee.

When trade unions were established 100 years ago, the objective was to improve working conditions and to protect the rights of workers from those employers who were abusing their right because they had more money. At that time (the beginning) the trade unions did work.

What we see now is that the bargaining process is no longer resulting in the compromise which would lead objectively to betterment of worker conditions and increase of salary.

After each prolonged strike, the workers loose, even if they have 10% increase of their salaries, they can’t catch up due to inflation and due to missed time, Millions of people suffer from that strike because the economy now is interdependent, it’s intertwined like one body.

The motivations for strikes now is not to improve workers conditions. The motivation is IDEOLOGY. To prove to the capitalists and the obedient hoard of workers following like sheep these people, and they can’t disobey because if they do you know what happens to them: picketers, murders, shooting truck drivers…

With union strikes there’s an influx of propaganda, mass media, ideological dissemination. Bring in massive victim information of class struggle into organizations.

If we bring equality by force, if we put the principle of equality in the basis of a political structure is the same a building a house on sand. Propaganda of equality by force is the Marxist communist propaganda to topple a society because the nature of a society must be that their citizens are offered equal opportunity to excel, like a job availability and business loans but not a guaranteed $15/hr wage to all citizens.

Democracy is not equality, it’s a system where different people, unequal people, have a chance to survive and help each other in constant competition in constant perfecting

Demoralization may or may not happen with help of the subverter, but the tendencies are taken advantage by the subverter.

The moment you bring a country to almost total demoralization. Nothing works anymore when there is no division between evil and good, right or wrong.