Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 3 – The Art of Subversion – Part 2

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The Art of Subversion – Part 2

– Continuation from Episode 2 (see Episode 2 for original video link.)

These are the areas of application of subversion:

  • Religion
  • Education
  • Social Life
  • Power Structure
  • Law and Order
  • Labor Relations/Unions

Religion: Destroy it, ridicule it, replace it with various sex cults, basically erode the faith of people (whether is small or great it doesn’t matter), the goal is to separate people, sever their connection with the supreme being. Replace accepted religious organizations with fake religious organizations. Distract people’s attention from the real faith and attract them to various different faiths

Education: Distract them from learning something which is constructive, pragmatic, efficient. Instead of valuable science teach them history of urban warfare and black lives matter, weak math, wrong physics… etc.

Social Life: Replace traditionally established institutions, organizations with fake organizations, take away the initiative from people, take away the responsibility from naturally established links between individuals, groups of individuals and society at large and replace them with artificial, bureaucratically controlled bodies.

Instead of social life and friendship between neighbors, establish social workers institutions of people who are on the payroll of bureaucracy. Their work doesn’t matter, it is not for the people, but for the paycheck.

Power Structure: The natural bodies of administration which are traditionally either elected by people at large or appointed by elected leaders of society are being actively substituted by artificial bodies. The bodies of groups of people who nobody elected. As a matter of fact most of the people don’t like them at all and yet they exist.

One of such groups is the media. Who elected them? How come they have so much power, almost monopolistic over your mind? They can rape your mind. But who elected them? How come they have the nerve to decide what is good and what is bad for—the elected by you—president and his administration?

The Power Structure is slowly eroded by the bodies of groups of people who do not have neither qualification, nor the will of the people to keep them in power, yet they do have power.