Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 22 – Join the Class Action Lawsuit Against Dominion Voting Systems – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Takes on Big Tech – Who Benefits in the Global Financial Coup?

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Join the Lawsuit against Dominion voting systems for their complicity in the Election Fraud of 2020:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issues promised executive order banning vaccine passports in Florida:

60 Minutes deceptively edits Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis’ comments on vaccine rollout in attempt to implicate him in ‘pay-to-play scheme’ because he’s going against the vaccine passport.

Here’s DeSantis response that was edited out by 60 min:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issues road map on how to stop Big Tech for censoring freedom of speech:

Commentary on “The State of Our Currencies” Report by Catherine Austin Fitts.

Cio Bono? Who Benefits from the financial Coup? —These people get away with innumerable crimes because of their ability to manipulate loopholes we don’t understand. Today we dive a little deeper into what’s really going on.

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