Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast – Episode 158 – The Internet of Spirit: Setting Up the Foundations for the Technology of Tomorrow

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The Internet of Spirit

The Internet of Spirit: Setting Up the Foundations for the Technology of Tomorrow

As a civilization we are at a fork in the road. We are living in a world with two very distinct simultaneously existing realities and we’re rapidly approaching the point where these two realities will completely split apart to follow their own very different destinies.

On one hand we have the unfolding of a technocracy, a future devoid of spirit. Many people are already completely immersed in this reality and most of them don’t even know it. For these people, their spiritual life will be put on hold for a very long time. This is the path they have chosen and in the grand scheme of things it’s ultimately all good, someday they’ll return to spirit bringing with them the knowledge and wisdom of their experience—this has already happened. For these people, I give them my blessings on their journey and bid them farewell.

On the other hand we have the manifestation of a long awaited dream for the entire multiverse: The ascension timeline. Along with many more people, this is the path I have chosen. As we awaken to our purpose as pioneers of a new reality, our new perception of reality will radically transform our world beginning with the move from hierarchy to synarchy and the subsequent transformation of all systems in all fields of human endeavor.

This is when the internet of spirit activates—an ancient technology re-emerging through the awakening of the individual purpose of all participants and their collective manifestation within the grand puzzle of creation. In a few decades we will gradually evolve past the need for computational technology as the biotechnology of nature and its infinitely superior intelligence is remembered by humanity and implemented to propel our civilization in a path beyond imagination.

I’m looking forward to the greatest adventure ever dreamt, we on our way…