Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 13 – Mr. Global Don’t See People, They See Slaves. It’s the Most Profitable Business of All Time.

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Part 4 of Catherine Austin Fitts Commentary on Her Interview for Planet Lockdown:

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—So we can see the direction they want us headed but is it a little uncertain as to why?

No, it’s simple: technology gives Mr Global the ability to institute a complete control system and further centralize economic and political control.

So I (Catherine Austin Fitts) give you a perfect example:

The 2 reasons the African-American slave trade ended were, one: You couldn’t perfect collateral, so the banks in London kept loosing money because the plantation owners—when the commodities market went down—would sell their slaves west and the banks couldn’t go get their collateral.

So they would finance the purchase of a slave at say 50% loan to value ratio and then when the commodities market is down they would sell the slave and say it ran away and the banks would be hung.

And the banks couldn’t prove that say Harry was their slave because they had no way of perfecting collateral. So that was reason number 1.

The second reason was that the Haitians rebelled and the Europeans sent several armies to try and quell the rebellion and never could. The Haitians were too good.

Now, if you look at digital technology you can perfect the collateral. And with space weaponry and surveillance, you can put down any rebellion.

So the slave trade was unbelievably profitable. The history of the world is that slavery is the most profitable business. It’s more profitable than mining, more profitable than narcotics, it’s more profitable than all the addictions.

So if you now have the technological capability of implementing slavery, their attitude is: “OK, let’s do it.”

And part of it is, technology makes it much easier for a small group of people to get together and be very powerful.

So for example if they bring in breakthrough energy. Technology, the danger is that a small group of crazy people can weaponize it. So the more powerful technology that you integrate, the more danger there is to loose control.

Now, there are other theories as to why people would want complete control, like giving the difficulty of feeding and managing a population that’s getting ever larger.

If you now have bio-technology that allows Mr Global to live 150 years. You can’t keep that secret. If the wealthy are living to 150 years and we’re not; then you can’t keep that a secret.

So why not downsize the population, integrate robots and use them for everything and you can have a very wealthy and luxurious life without all the management headaches, right?

— So the kind of breaking of society into different classes, into an uber class and a vast peasantry mixed with robotics?

Yes. In other words: What Mr Global is trying to do here, is he’s using technology to move to a system where between robotics and, AI and software a few people can control the many with far less headaches and fear. You have to remember, Mr Global is very, very afraid of the general population.

Several times, she’s told that the leadership of the United States has gotten together to discuss: “How can we undo the secrecy?” and each time they come to the conclusion that it’s impossible.

They can’t undo the secrecy because the liabilities are too enormous. So if you’re the swamp and you’re guilty of all the different things the swamp is guilty of and you try and open the window on the secrecy, you run tremendous risks. So they’re afraid of the general population.

And the history of governances, the general population occasionally does turn and kill the tyrants. So the 325 million people in the USA, they have more guns.

So her guess is that the reason that Jerome Powell (chairman of the Federal Reserve) was backpedalling when the head of the IMF was talking about Digital Identity is because he’s sitting there knowing he’s got 325 million people and a lot of them have guns and they don’t have a total lock down yet.

This is why the 2nd Amendment is such a fractious issue, such an unruly, unmanageable issue.

Most people around the world don’t understand why people in the United States are so rabid about owning guns.

The first reason Americans are rabid about owning guns is they don’t understand the power of mind control.

So if they can institute total mind control which is what this system is, then guns aren’t that dangerous to them. So to achieve what they want to do, it’d be very, very convenient if they can reel in the guns.

And you see Biden now, this is the first thing they’re trying to do now with all these false flag shootings to pass their gun control legislation (see podcast episode 9 here.) After making everybody wear face diapers, they’re going to try and take the guns from the people.

And this is why the Republicans holding the senate has been such a big issue.

*Editor Note: [— This is why we have to put our faith in the three Sevens: 777, the three G’s – GGG: God above all and not out there but within your heart, Real physical Gold in your pocket and the Gun in your hand!: God, Gold & Gun!—]

Because they can’t do it if the Republicans hold the senate.

She tells the story that she grew up in Philadelphia and her first boyfriend’s father was a vote buyer who used to go out with a roll of cash and buy all the votes every election. So there’s an old tradition in American voting fraud.

What she says everyone is neither one of these candidates would have been a candidate without the voting fraud to begin with. But she’s never seen the voting fraud as blatant. They could not have stopped the Trump landslide without Covid-19 and they didn’t, but the ended up cheating so big that now it’s blatantly obvious to at least 1/3 of the American population, which is very serious for them.

So the question is: How much of the timing of the fake healthcare op event is basically designed to make sure they don’t get a populous president.

She says it’s hard for her to think as Trump as a populous because he’s pretty much on board for the pro-centralization team but he’s the American way of saying Fuck you to the leadership.

So I think it was very important for them to get rid of Trump. The problem is they’ve used massive voter fraud to do it but they’ve used it in a way that is obvious that the fraud is off the charts.

And they’re turning to the population and telling them: “You have to pretend Biden is the president, even though you know he’s not!

So we have a fake magic virus and a fake president and a magic political system, so it really is getting very cult-like.

— It’s almost like a switch was turned this year (2020) and we’re in bizarro world!

We’ve been in bizarro world—from the minute they started to steal the money, we moved into a bizarro world.

And I think the only difference is now, as they moved all the money and the official reality moved away from reality even further and further—that’s part of the secrecy—many people thought they could stay in the middle of the road and now what’s clear is:

You either have to go with the cult or you have to go with truth. The middle of the road is going away. And so everybody has to choose which one they want.