Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 11 – It’s not a Vaccine! It’s an Operating System!

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Part 2 of Catherine Austin Fitts Interview for Planet Lockdown:

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—What do you think the technocracy that we’re being push towards to looks like?

The technocracy that they’re pushing towards is what it’s called transhumanism, so essentially what you do is you use injections to inject materials into the body that create the equivalent of an operating system.

So everybody knows the idea of Microsoft causing you to download an operating system in your computer that gives Microsoft and a variety of other players a back door into your computer and every month or 2 or 3 you get an update because there are “viruses” right?

It’s back to the magic virus that can solve all problems and so this is a similar system for your body. You inject materials into your body that essentially create the equivalent of an operating system and a receiver and you can literally hook everybody up to the cloud.

And that includes, hooking them up in a way that there’s a transaction system. The bible calls it the “mark of the beast,” it’s one way people know this.

You’re basically talking about being able to digitally identify and track people in connection with their financial transactions.

So it’s a world of zero privacy, but what’s more important to understand is that if you then institute one or more central bank cryptos. You’re not talking about a system where every central bank of the world can shut you off individually from transacting if they don’t like the way you’re behaving.

So many people are familiar with the social credit system in China. It’s very similar—if you install the smart credit in their car, their community and now literally in their body, you’ve got 24/7 surveillance, and if people don’t do as you say and behave they way you want, they can and will shut off your money.

And they also have spacial control. If they say you can’t travel more than 5 miles, that’s it, cause you’re on a complete digitally controlled system and it’s controlled by the central bankers through the money.

We’re digitizing everything but it includes the human body as well and the human mind. So this system comes with complete control not only of your ability to transact financially which is hooked up to your body but very sophisticated mind control technology through the media and those cloud connections. So basically you’re talking about hooking up into the Borg.

So transhumanism technocracy, go hand on hand. She would describe this as a slavery system.

We’re talking about shifting out of freedom where we have freedom to roam and freedom to say what we want into a complete control system 24/7 including mind control.

Now, the challenge before us is if the sort of committee that runs the world, she nicknames Mr. Global. If Mr Global wants to go to a slavery system and we want to remain a human civilization then we have a fundamental disagreement and that is the challenge before us.

So looking at what’s going on, we have the tech people building the clouds and the telecommunications, we have the military doing space and operation warp speed: they’re putting up the satellites.

Then we have Big Pharma, which is making the injections that are full of these mystery ingredients to change and modify your DNA and for all we know make you infertile.

And then we have the media pouring out the propaganda, and then we have the central bankers engineering the central bank crypto systems.

So you have these different pillars and it’s very important when you look at what’s going on day to day particularly in the media. They’re trying to keep them separate so that you can’t see how they’re going to come together in an integrated system which is basically integrated into your body and into your mind.

—For what purpose?

To institute the slavery system!

So in other words if they are going to do everything through a smart grid and they need to run the smart grid into your neighborhood, then they need to run the smart grid into your body.

The question is: How are they going to build it into your neighborhood and build it into your body, without you seeing the trap?


So that’s why they’re trying to keep all of these sectors separate.

If you listen to the central bankers, they try as hard as they can to stay away from the other conversations (the media, military, big pharma, tech companies)


She was watching an IMF (International Monetary Fund) presentation on cross-border payments and the head of the IMF mentioned the Digital Global ID system and the Federal Reserve Chairman got so pale it was almost white, you could feel him moving like a galaxy away. Thinking: no, no, no, don’t mention that!—Because there’s 325 million Americans that have more than 325 million guns and he doesn’t want everybody to see this until the trap is thrown and it’s too late.

—So we’ve been put in a trap in 2020 with this Covid Pandemic thing?

Yes. But the door hasn’t shut. So that’s why the reason we’re talking is because transparency can blow the game.

It’s interesting because in the beginning of 2020 when she wrote the Article Injection Fraud and said Bill Gates is trying to download an operating system into your body, just the way it downloaded it into your mind and viruses as an excuse to have to update it to make it work for his back door access every day.

3 months later and then Corvid did a great series on Bill Gates and several people came out and reaffirmed this. It was in the fall, Yahoo finance published a poll saying that 44%of Republicans thought Bill Gates wanted to micro-chip them an she said: “OK we’re making progress!”

And that’s exactly when Bill Gates sort of disappeared and they brought up operation Warp Speed and interestingly enough the person they chose to loose, to run operation Warp Speed was an expert on injectable brain-machine interface.