Planet Homemaking Podcast – Episode 105 – The End Is Near for The Deep State — Gene Keys: Line 2 of Your Life’s Work, The Dancer

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The End of the Deep State is Near! We only need one of these to break the information dam wide open:

  • John Durham’s Special Councel Investigation
  • McAfee’s 31TB Surprise
  • Dong Jingwei’s Evidence (China’s Miinistry of State Security)
  • Wikileaks
  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop
  • Anthony Weiner’s Laptop
  • DNC Server
  • Hillary’s Emails
  • Indictments Unsealed
  • Tony Bubalinsky’s Evidence

Gene Keys:

Today on our Gene Keys section we’ll be looking at Line 2 of Your Life’s Work: The Dancer, with John F. Kennedy’s Hologenetic Profile as our practical example.

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How to Read your Hologenetic Profile:

The 4 Prime Gifts are always 2 Sets of Programing Partners: Set 1: Life’s Work & Evolution. Set 2: Radiance & Purpose.

Example of 2 Programming Partners in The Hexagram Wheel: They’re always opposites to one another.

All 64 Gene Keys’ Spectrum of Consciousness:

The 64 Victim Patterns:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Gene Keys, check out their website: This link leads to the main page.

*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and in no way I get paid to promote the Gene Keys or any of their Products. I just find it to be great information to apply and share.